Realistic Health System

I am suggesting adding a more realistic health system to the game, where a player’s character can become weaker and slower if they neglect to eat or sleep for extended periods of time. This could add an additional layer of challenge and realism to the game.

To implement this, the game could introduce a new “health” bar that tracks the player’s overall physical well-being. If the player neglects to eat or sleep for extended periods of time, this health bar would gradually decrease, and the player’s movement speed and other abilities would be reduced as a result. (instead of the reduced speed if both of the bars are near 0 )if the health bar reaches zero for e.g. 2 times the sim could even die. (and option the go the previous load of the game would pop up)

To incentivize players to maintain their health, the game could also introduce rewards for keeping their character well-fed and well-rested. For example, the player’s character could become stronger and faster as they maintain a healthy lifestyle, and they could gain special abilities or bonuses that are only available to healthy characters. like being able to carry an additional item with their hand or with the hand truck.

Overall, this feature could add an interesting new dimension to the game and provide players with an additional challenge to overcome. because right now the energy bar and the hunger bar are kind of a joke. nothing happens if the sim is unhealthy or goes through the whole game with 0 food and minimal sleep.

I’m not sure I think it fit the scope of the game.

I think you have to be very careful about spending too much energy on how your character is feeling, in terms of diet, exercise, etc., because otherwise it ends up removing the focus from what I think the game is about - getting a business to function and create a large organization.