Real-Time Item Catalogue

Many people have run into the issue of not knowing where to look to find a specific piece of furniture needed for a new building type. For instance - there is no indication that you need to get Office Supplies from “Michael Scott’s The Office Store” (I know that’s not the real name, but it’s what I always think when I see it).

I realize that the updated help book might help with this, BUT this got me thinking.

If supply/demand and item availability are going to be a factor (and especially if multiplayer does end up being a thing), it would be extremely useful to be able to see what a store’s current inventory is, so you know where to go without having to drive all the way there, walk in…just to realize they don’t carry the item you need.

Maybe you could sort two ways: 1) Sort by store to find the entire inventory of a certain store, or 2) sort by Item to see all the stores that carry that item.

I feel this is still realistic and doesn’t involve “magic”, because you can currently Google/Alexa/etc that information in real life and make that decision really quickly.

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