Real estate/rent

Need more outcome/income out of real estate. paying 4m to get 73$ per day, plus paying 1.6k per month in taxes? Either more rent ( a house has more than one unit ) or some other kind of advantage (which I cant think of atm). Should also count as a business towards the “own 80 businesses” quest.

The rent I pay should also be higher. Those 50-200 dont have any impact on gameplay/finances, not even with my first business.


I agree, but I see the limitations for the developers as they would need to implant a REAL ESTATE MODEL into the game with maybe 50-100 apartments or offices above the retail outlets on the ground floor of every building, with each needing micro-managing, but YES… it’s exactly what would make the game massive, and take the investing side to a whole new level in the later game… just what it needs.

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A starting solution could be implemented easily, I guess. Add more fictive units and thus give us more rent. Bizman could state “building has 8 units” so the rent I get for that real estate would be 8x72, thats a bit more realistic than it is now. Those 8 units must not be usable (that would be hard to implement, could be sth for the far future).

Its just that the rents dont have any impact on gameplay. Neither the rents I’m paying nor the rents I’m earning, for both are too low. They should be way higher. Could even go as far as to build it in the questchain. our first giftshop will have super cheap rent, because your uncle “knows the guy that owns the building”, but for later stores, you will pay a realistic amount of money.
Did some research, a 3100sf retail in garment district goes for about 176k rent per year, thats 484$ per day.

The buildings do currently have “fictional units” that you are getting paid from. But real estate hasn’t really been fully implemented, so rent is low to prevent easily earning billions within the first couple years :slight_smile:

It will be developed over time!


I second this! I kinda felt ripped off after buying a multi million building… :smile:
Maybe also an option to make the building higher quality and better cleanliness to gain more rent.

That’s good news, because right now real estate is kinda pointless money-wise