Real Estate Prices In Certain Neighborhoods

I feel like the real estate prices for certain buildings in Murray Hill and all of Midtown are too high considering that as of this post there is no way for a single business to make over 1 mill a day. So this only leaves you the option of opening up tons of business, which is very tedious due to the lack of features that make scaling easier such as blueprints, not being able to place multiple delivery order for furniture, having to go in and out of business because the hand truck can only hold four piece of furniture at a time or the ability to mass hire potential dozens of employees at once. So I’m wondering what the point of those prices are, like are they meant to be a reward for players how grind dozens of hours or are they just set piece that are never meant to be bought?

Once you get enough money, you just buy already established businesses, add to them, throw some storage shelves in, set your deliveries up, bulk up on staff, and let it do its thing while you move onto the next buy. Still tedious and all but it cuts down on having to buy and wait for deliveries.

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It’s definitely possible - biggest I’ve seen one store make by itself is $1.5 million per day.

This is definitely the point of the game, if you want to be “huge” and buy buildings and the big yacht and stuff like that, you need a bunch of businesses.

Some thing like blueprints are coming on the roadmap already, but, in general, yes. The point is to make businesses from 18 years old until you retire, which takes time if you want to go that far and explore everything the game has to offer!