Reach 50m

how the money goal works. I need to reach 1m but I owe 6m even earning 140k a day

I’m making 1.3 M a day, and I’m not #1 for sure !

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. You owe 6m?

For the money goal, you just need to have money in your account. If it tells you that you need a certain valuation, you can see that number in your Persona App.

so,i have 20m in my account.
in the persona app it shows like this , at the top -6m at the bottom at the weekly -56k I hope I made myself clear

For the $50 million goal, you need to have a Total Net Worth of $50 million. It sounds like you won a bunch of gambling money or something, but your businesses are not doing well at all. That’s the problem.

The number that says -$6 million needs to be +$50 million. You need to earn enough money with your businesses to get to that.


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