Hello I am stuck in the quest where I am asked to invest 1 M. Should they be invested via the bank or by buying?


Visit or call the bank and instead of taking a loan, make an investment. You need to invest at least $1 million for this objective.

I have already called the bank to invest but the quest does not validate

Hmm…strange. Might help to post a screenshot of bizman page that shows the investment just to make sure everything looks right. Because once you give them the $1 million, it should advance pretty immediately!

ok I validated the quest by going directly to the bank but not by calling. The sub decreased in the long run without validating the quest.

Update : it completely bugged my game. the map is no longer accessible, there is no more traffic in the streets, I can no longer enter my stores and my points of sale are deactivated. I quit the game without saving it is the same

Oh wow…yeah that sounds like some big bug. It should work by calling or going in, but it sounds like you have something else going on!

If you can still enter the game at all, maybe hit F2 and submit a bug report so the devs can take a look!