QoL Suggestions

• Auto-snap chairs & computers to face the “right” way when attached to a desk. It’s annoying to rotate everything 4 times if you want it facing the desk.

• Allow bulk assigning of uniforms per business. If I hire 15 programmers and want them all wearing hats, I’d rather just have a button on my business that says “Assign all to X uniform” or something.

• Show current / max capacity on bizman screen. I’d like to see which of my businesses I haven’t optimized yet at a glance.

Thanks! Still really enjoying the game. :smiley:

Should already be in EA 0.2

In case you didn’t know, if you select them in MyEmployees, and use the dropdown menu at the top of the page, you can assign all selected employees to a uniform or whatever you want.

Some more optimization is coming in the future like being able to shift-click multiple employees, etc.

That’s always tricky to show all the information you want with things being too small or cluttered, etc. But UI will be getting some big changes for sure.

Very glad to hear that!

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• Yay! Glad to hear it.

• I did not know that! It wasn’t very clear, but I’ll give it a whirl later on tonight. Looking forward to shift-click. :smiley:

• Yeah! The UI is pretty good already (kudos to dev!), that was just the one stat I’ve been getting irked at having to look at each business individually. I totally understand that UI is a delicate balance though, so do whatever makes the game the best. :+1: