QoL - Remove Discard confirmation message when inventory is empty


Just a quick QoL : When we got to a supermarket and by a quick food to eat right away, once we pay, and eat it, the inventory screen is still open.

If we click Discard, there’s a confirmation message asking us if we are sure because it cannot be undone… I have nothing in the inventory, so this message is not required I think.

Solution 1: Once we eat the meal, its because I paid everything in my inventory.If inventory is empty, close the inventory window right away.

Solution 2: Remove confirmation message when we click discard and there is nothing in our inventory.



I agree - and would prefer the bag to be discarded automatically since it serves absolutely no purpose once it’s empty!

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We went for the solution 2. Clicking discard on empty bag won’t show the confirmation :partying_face:

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