QOL improvements to make this game 100% less annoying/tedious

I was a Startup Company fan from years ago and am really impressed with where this game has come since release. Very glad for its success and can’t wait to see where it is in another year.

For now, these relatively small things would have spared me a lot of sighing on my last playthrough (PC user):

  • Keyboard bindings for contacts, BizMan, etc.
  • Back/forward button in app pages (like browser navigation history). Just a back button with a one-page history memory would have saved me hundreds or thousands of clicks.
  • Filters in the employees/candidates lists (by type, task, business, etc.) would save tons of scrolling and individually ticking of employees for training/assignment. This feels super tedious right now.

For keyboard driving, the left/right sensitivity is way too high. Let me adjust this in settings. I just avoid driving in game now because it’s too frustrating and the penalty for crashing is so high (I don’t want to spend $2000 in repairs on a trip to pick up a couple of things).

For mouse steering, please please put a dead center indication on the screen so I know where accel/decel transition point is. Just a semi-transparent overlay with a dot in the screen’s center with a circle around it (useful for turning + maintaining speed) would easily make this the best way to drive in game when you’re limited to mouse and keyboard.

This was moved out of Feature Suggestions into General Discussion for some reason

Hello - yes, it’s a good list of general ideas! Can’t really vote as a feature suggestion since we’ll have no idea which of the ideas people are voting for (or which ideas already have other topics, etc.)! But the ideas are good!