QoL changes

  • An option to choose either “Full Time” or “Part Time” employees, in the recruitment agency.
  • Consider removing the marketing agencies as place/contact and just have all the options in the “Marketing” menu and just select which ones you want to use/enable.
  • Add the option to add all the buildings you own as “destinations”. When you move around the city, the icons of all your buildings should be visible.
  • The option to set more than one destination.
  • The ability to buy more than 10 fresh foods for in your fridge. Maybe add a supermarket that will deviler to your house?
  • Being able to order more than 18 items. Big stores require multiple orders and take a lot of time to get online.
  • When training employees, their hourly wage should increase as well. Hiring low skill employees and train them will cost less than hiring a higher skilled employee and training them.
  • The option/ability to see how many items were sold yesterday (not just last 7 days).
  • Having a “Back” key instead of having to go through all the pages just get to back on the previous one (when adding marketing for example).

Hello! Nice suggestions overall!

Recruitment changes are on the roadmap already!

In general, I don’t think things will be removed like the marketing agency because the intention is to make it feel more real - you call the agency for more marketing, not push a magic button in the store.

All your store icons are available, though. And in bizman, every location has a quick “destination” button. What exactly are you asking for?

Deliveries and employee training are changing a bit, which should help with a few of your requests

Also many UI changes are coming eventually which should alsp address a couple other requests!