Put (some) Boxes into Fridge

We all know that we can go to “small business” and buy fresh food and soda for example. But it’s quite “stupid” not being available to put into the fridge a whole box of soda, frozen food, fresh food… I mean that box you can actually buy at Metro Wholesale for example. I am pretty sure that when the mods come out will be added; but this is a really logical feature to add in vanilla instead of needing future mods for this.

I hope you keep in mind this quite simple but really meaningful feature detail. I am pretty sure that this will fix the “issue” of people asking for an easier way to buy food for own like deliveries to your house. This would be much easier imo.

PS: Of course there has to be a limitation for these boxes. Only the one should be in the fridge. Would be weird (interesting) finding 50 units of expensive jewelry for example :joy:.