Purchasing Agent automatic purchasing

On my way to 2 million, I found one of my regular tasks was checking stock levels in my warehouse and making purchase orders through my purchase agents to keep stock flowing.

I’d love to be able to set a minimum threshold for the purchase agents to keep stock in my warehouses.
Very okay if it needs to be behind a level requirement for the agents, or if automatic purchases only happened once a week or something, that’d incentivize more flexible warehouse space in my head.

We have this ability with distribution managers for my local shops, it makes sense to me that we could do the same thing with acquiring the goods.


If you set your Purchasing Agent to a repeating delivery, that’s exactly what they do!

@DavidEstesCreations, I see I can set a repeating order, but it doesn’t take into account my stock levels.

Ideally I could go to my purchase agent and set an amount of goods, say 1000 fresh food.
At start of day, if the amount of fresh food in my warehouse is over 1000, no change.
If the amount of fresh food in my warehouse dips below 1000, the agent would automatically make a purchase of fresh food to get back to 1000

That make sense?


It does though.

Precisely. As long as the amount you’re trying to purchase still clears the minimum purchase amount, it will do exactly that.


Nvm, that’s amazing, thank you! It might be worth having this as part of Uncle Freds tutorial on setting up the purchase order, I didn’t see the symbols for “# to buy” and “# target” change

This feature suggestion can be closed then, do I do that or do you?

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The whole importing system will be simplified and clarified in EA 0.2, because you’re right, it’s not that clear!