Private Security

I have another idea, one that aligns with the upcoming Theft/Security update. I am unsure if this will happen in the update so I’m going to share for now in hopes that I’m somehow adding something new.

I think Private Security would be a cool business idea, and one that can enhance another business as well. You could create contracts with other businesses similar to how we create contracts with delivery services except in this case you’re being paid. You could negotiate similar to how we negotiate with Health Insurance and you can assign people similar to how we assign employees to an HR coordinator. Each Security Guard generates income equal to the amount negotiated per hour.

I know in the real world there are armed and unarmed security guards, and I’m not sure how Theft and Security will work in game, however I don’t believe armed security would be necessary in this game unless there’s going to be armed robberies etc.

I suppose that would open up the need for the hospital a bit more lol.

Either way, I believe that this would make a cool business too, and bring another unique method of running a business.