Port / Logistics Hub (Cargo Hub)

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I am a huge passionate fan for Logistics and the world that goes on around it. Not just by the games I love but also the studies and the practical experience I have and am doing around it. I am a student in Supply Chain Management specified to Logistics Engineering in Belgium and I am apart of a family company that has been in Logistics for this year 90 years since 1934. This motivates my suggestion to work towards a possibility around a Logistics Hub such as a Port or Intermodal Hub (Rail, Sea, Air, Road) and manage this hub. This could fit in nicely to importing/exporting raw materials and produced goods to connect to other businesses but also to the other field that is delivery companies for example for e-commerce or others.

This could not just be a fun management branch of a game but also quite really be an educational one too. But I know not many people like to hear “educational” in a game but that is where I am guilty of having my passion in my professional but also my personal life.

In my professional life we look to provide multimodal solutions for clients big to small. From national transports to international container traffic tenders. This includes working out a good price for certain routes if they have good return loads or if the container will have to return empty etc this all contributes to the final cost of a load. Now I think I have already lost the attention of half of the people but I hope the other half does see a certain opportunity in this, maybe not now but in the future.

This could be a really deep-going concept but could also be quite simple. Below I have named a few possible concepts within this business branch that is Logistics and I hope you appreciate the idea.

Ideas/Features/Concepts list:

  • Integrated Multimodal Operations: Provide possibility to combine Sea/Rail/Road/Air to get to the most cost-efficient route.
  • Import/Export Managment: Facilitate the import and export of raw materials and finished goods, connecting with various in-game manufacturing and retail businesses.
  • E-Commerce Logistics: Develop tenders with e-commerce platforms for efficient distribution and delivery services.
  • Infrastructure Development: Invest in and upgrade facilities like warehouses, container yards, and docking stations to enhance capacity and efficiency. A good example of this can be the manual forklift warehouses vs the goliath 80.000 pallet fully-automated warehouses that can handle 30 trucks loading/unloading at the same time.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Implement advanced supply chain management techniques to streamline operations and reduce costs. This as discussed earlier with combining multiple transport mobilities could be a fun deep thinking game to create the least costing route.
  • Environmental Impact: Another fun feature could be the fight against environmental fees and fines. By improving environmental Co2 impact for example if you use a train vs a truck you save a lot on fuel but also provide a very big reduction in Co2 impact.
  • Real-Time Problems: A train is striking! (we see it happen in France a lot) Now you have to come up with an alternative way to bring the goods to the customer.
  • Multi-hub connections: A way for a company to expand to multiple hubs and combining them intermodally. For example you have a big warehouse at the sea port that unloads containers straight from a ship. These loads are raw resources or unprocessed goods and need to be brought to the other side of the city. There is a smaller warehouse positioned near the production plant where the unprocessed goods are exchanged for processed goods. These 2 warehouses could be connected with a rail network to run an efficient route from Import to Export.
  • Automation & Integration: The world is changing a lot currently on the topic of automation and integration of technologies such as automated cranes in the ports to automated warehouses to automated route planning that calculate the most efficient Co2 route for example. I think there must be ways to get this working here too.

I hope after all this that if it may not appear in-game I informed some people and maybe even interested a few in the world of logistics :slight_smile: because I sure love it.

If there are any questions at all for clarification around the topics above I am more than happy to help out with answers and data from real world routes to try and make it as realistic as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it was interesting :slight_smile:

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And yes this could be considered as the suggestion “Delivery Company” however I think this is not exactly the same as this is for sure going to a more broader perspective then purely local deliveries.