Police Towing and Impound fees

Right now, there’s nothing really preventing one from simply leaving their car “parked” in the middle of the road. There’s a $125 fine, but what is that compared to making hundreds of thousands or even millions per day?

Therefore, my suggestion is to introduce the possibility of having your car towed, accompanied by a substantial impound fee to retrieve it. This fee could also increase on a daily basis, and if the vehicle remains unclaimed for an extended period, additional fees would start deducting directly from your account.


maybe even having it so if someone doesn’t pick up the car in time they’ll lose it enterally, like they’ll destroy the car or even just sell it off. its easy to avoid but it’ll def add some more pressure.


Hi I am new here if I could expand on this idea, if players leave their car randomly say on a footpath/sidewalk or in the middle of the road, after a certain time I think the impounding of car is great idea Alternatively have the car stolen by the game AI and then randomly show up somewhere else burnt out, no wheels etc, to avoid being impounded or stolen players have to park the vehicle properly in the designated car park and then lock it with a simple mouse-over vehicle in the same or similar way we get access to the cargo/trunk/boot section of the vehicle.

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I believe you shouldn’t automatically get a ticket. Say a % chance. Sometimes you can run into a store parked on the road and if your fast, you beat the meter maids lol. Flashers would be nice too. Put them on to run into one of your stores to drop off soda or whatever.

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That’s exactly how it currently works, though!

Oh wow is it really?? Every single time I don’t park In a space, even if it’s like for 3 in game minutes… I get a ticket lol

I hear ya - might seem like that sometimes, but it’s not! Tickets have a chance of happening at the top of each hour, so to give yourself the longest chance, make sure you’re not parking at 9:57, make sure you wait until 10:01 to give yourself the most time to get back and hopefully not get a ticket! :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s awesome! Thanks for the info!