Player Skills / Levels

Would maybe be nice if we can train our character skills like we can train our employees. We already have the school so… maybe more courses ?

My practical example:

I noticed when I am working at the cashier that the customer service is staying at 50%. So I guess my character have a “service customer” skill at 50%. I get it, we are a young person new to the world of work and business we are average.

But I think would be nice to be able to improve our skills at school like our employes (even if I guess it’s only temporary because you won’t need to stand at a cashier for all your business carrier you have employees for that, but I guess it can be nice if you want to play the “in business CEO” who like to get his hands dirty and be at the front with his team to handle customers. We could even think about a boost for the shop employees to have the boss here with them (or maybe a penalty depending on the employee personality, some of us don’t like to have the boss on our neck all day long and feel watched).


Also just working the register should increase your skill with it. So on yourself but also on employees. Not just by training. You gain experience by doing it.

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A level system to earn skill points that can be used to upgrade your skills. Like get a better view for the markedinsider or something.

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Make the Gym more useful.
Strength = Carry More?
Speed = Go faster?
Endurance = Go for longer (without getting hungry or as tired)?
Intelligence = Be more thrifty / make better deals?

Other suggestions for stats improvement:
Have a library - learn skills useful to job roles / future hobbies?