Right now, player can drive like a maniac through pedestrian and not take any consequences if they run through one because the pedestrian doesn’t actually exist! They are just a animated mesh to look cool.

I want to implement pedestrian 2.0:

  1. player cannot drive through a pedestrian, instead pedestrian will be like ragdoll if player run them over.
  2. The pedestrian will find lawsuit to sue the player regardless if they’re rich or poor. If they’re rich it’s even better because they will lose most of their money to try to save up again. If they’re poor, suck it and learn to drive.
  3. pedestrian actually have a purpose in this simulation. they will be assigned to each building specifically for work, when player buys the building they can either keep the worker or lay them off and hired new employee.
  4. you can talk to pedestrian and start a family empire if you want, can’t have big ambition when reality is you can age and die :wink:

This game have potentials, it can be as big as Bannerlord when it first released. Just add aging mechanic, romance, us taking over the next heir of the family in charge of the business and you got yourself a golden game.


That’s already in the game.

Only if you’re not doing well enough. That’s a big part of the end-game storyline - the goal is not to get old and give up…you just keep going if you’re successful enough!