Pay Traffic Tickets at DMV

Have we considered adding a DMV or an office where you have to pay traffic violations?

Right now I like that we get ticketed for parking incorrectly, but it does present as an option I’m still willing to take (parking legally for free/little, or parking illegally for just over $100).
If I’m in a hurry I’m willing to pay that to park, once you have thousands coming in every day from businesses it’s not a problem.

If instead of having the payment go automatically from my bank, we had to go to the DMV office and pay traffic fines, maybe with late fees if I don’t go within a day or so, that would increase how willing I am to find legal parking

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Thats a nice idea. Maybe even go to jail for 24h if you dont pay up?

That along with being impounded for repeated violations or failure to pay.

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The real problem is amount of money you have. No one with these amounts of money runs around on foot doing stuff. They have people to do that. The parking tickets are almost a joke at that point because they represent Warren Buffet being too busy to park legally.