Participate or create temporary events

Hello everyone and hello to the dev team.

To create rythm change in the game, i think it could be a good idea to let the player create and set up events, in interior settings like a fashion show, or in exterior settings.

In truce, i would love to have the ability to set up small or grand music or medieval festival. A blank map of grass and we could put stages for artists, stall of foods and drinks, etc… And if the festival have all the facilities needed for the amount of people, we could have a little boost of overall incomes to simulate a new gained popularity for a small period of time, and if the facilities didn’t reach what was needed, a debuff.

With thematic products to sell, it would really change of the “modern every-days products” that is currently the only products in the game. And with the mods support in coming, that would permit to the modders to create creative and interesting sets of products to sell wich couldn’t find their places in a modern NY city.

Thank you for reading me!