Parking spots for trucks at IKA

I would like to see a parking spot for trucks added to IKA and perhaps other stores too. It is nice to use the trucks to move stuff in bulk to office as for example 50 desks.

I also would like to suggest that the delivery limit should be increased to a higher number for the bigger offices or perhaps a unlockable delivery service for bigger offices/stores, along side this it could maybe be a idea to be able to buy a office supply warehouse where you can store desks etc. after closing a store as example to then be used in a different store without having to manually move it or re-buy it.

Just noticed that you can park like this to park “legal”.

Image would not upload. So instead of parking like this:

1 2 3
!P! !X! !P!

Park like this

1 2 3
!P! !X X!
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Correct - as long as you’re not in the handicap spot, you can park sideways like that!!