Paper bags for overseas wholesale shipping

I noticed that paper bags are not available to order from every sea wholesale merchant, and it’s extraordinarily annoying! I mean, when you consider the minimum order too, I want to be able to buy paper bags along with any overseas merchant, seeing as they are such a basic essential.

It might be a big of a pain, but my solution to this issue has simply been to place some big orders of paper bags for “one time delivery” only. I know you go through quite a big of bags a time, but if you have enough storage space in your warehouse, you can honestly just place some bulk orders and be done for bags for a very long time this way. You do have to keep an eye on them every once in a while unless you’re good with numbers and manage to figure out a weekly delivery that works for your needs. I have three businesses that use the paper bags for now so the “one time delivery” system is best for my needs now but that may change if I choose to add more in that vein.

Hope that helps!

45 K each time !

^^^^^ This is the way to go. Also, in my first playthrough, sodas were cheaper at Seaside Internationals importer, but on my most recent one, they’re cheaper through the same guy that sells the paper bags (JetCargo), so that’s a good way to meet his minimum order size.

45 k is no big deal if you have a few food shops

The price you get for items depends on the import index plus the skill level of your Purchasing Agent at the time you created the contract.

Those two factors should explain the difference in pricing between the two locations, plus the difference between your saved games.

Ah, interesting. I thought I had always trained them up to 100% before putting them to work, but, in retrospect, it’s likely I hadn’t done that in my first playthrough as I was still learning the ropes. Thanks for the info!

In that case, it just might be the import index at the time - depending on random economic factors items change price from time to time, and when you set the schedule you lock those prices. So it’s possible that the item had a lower import index for one Purchasing Agent than the other.