Order separate one off imports without cancelling regular import orders

It would be so much simpler when stocking a new store to be able to order a one off order from your importers - to get the new store up and running - without having to disrupt all of the orders you already have in place. You could then sensibly alter the regular orders later, once you have seen how your new store is performing.
In addition is would be nice to be able to make simple, small alterations to import orders, perhaps where store sales have soared or crashed, without having to cancel and disrupt the whole order for all of your stores. Re-ordering means you disrupt the days your imports are due and often means supplies you don’t really need arriving overnight or upsetting the balance of stores that are happily running smoothly.

If you’re importing on a daily basis, you can stop the order without any worries and modify the quantities according to your new store. Then, you can reactivate the order.
But it is true that for deliveries every 3 or 7 days, it can disrupt the timeline and delay the delivery date, which can be inconvenient.

So if you simply want to place a one-time order to replenish your stock of a certain product, then I would advise you to do as I do : I hire additional buyers managers and adjust their contracts as needed without affecting the other managers and orders already in place.

One last piece of advice, it’s good to keep several days’ worth of stock in your warehouses because there’s this issue of shortages that can sometimes leave you running low. This way, you won’t have to worry about the needs of your new store in its early days since you’ll have stock in your warehouses.
It is at the level of your logistics managers that you will be able to handle this better.

That’s a really clever idea; although on the down side, it probably needs close monitoring all the time I suspect. Great advice about the stock though. Despite having millions in the bank (in game unfortunately lol!) would you believe it never occurred to me to order reserve supplies?

This is a good idea, especially when things like product shortages actually start happening, and impacting the game, having extra supplies will be very important!