On Call/Substitutes For Sick Employees

I have been enjoying the game a lot since I purchased it, I’ve made probably 3 or 4 saves by now and I think one of the biggest quality of life features would be Employee’s that are on call daily and don’t have a specific schedule that will automatically come in if one of your employees call in sick so you don’t have to assign someone or go in and work yourself.

This could be implemented by adding supervisors and/or store specific managers that will auto assign or attempt to “call in” an On Call/Substitute employee when the employee scheduled calls in sick. There could also be a button in the employees tab for substituting sick employees or both.

It could also be implemented by just simply auto assigning employees that are not assigned when another employee calls in sick.

This would be an amazing quality of life feature and I’m hoping this gets implemented but I understand if it even does it would not be high priority.

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I agree, and this sounds like stuff that should be handled by the HR manager, scheduled for beta 5!

  • HR Manager (HQ): Allow auto-hiring, temp employees, salary negotiation etc.

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