NPC Driver AI and Other Things

Hi, I would like to suggest improving the AI of NPC drivers. I’m constantly getting honked at for stopping at stop lights, which… is fairly realistic, but it’s every single time to the point that it’s getting annoying! I’ve also seen bikes as deco around the city but would love the option to buy a bike and use that instead of the cars. It would be a better way to save money early in the game. You could even give players an option to buy add-ons, such as a wagon on the back that would act as a small storage (say 2-4 slots of inventory).

If it hasn’t already been suggested, I would like to also suggest making items like couches interactable and getting a comfort bonus from possessing them/using them as our characters are doing something like watching tv.

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Not quite a bike, but “New Vehicle: Electric scooters” is scheduled for EA 0.3 and I think sitting on chairs and benches is coming soon!