NPC businesses held to lower standards

I’m just getting to the point in the game where I’m now buying up all the businesses around me.
Each and every one of them
A) Don’t have cleaners or cleaner stations
B) Randomly have employees that have a ton of demands (many of which are not being met)
C) Have only 1 storage shelf
D) Have abysmal interior scores (no music, no decor)

I like “fixing” them up, but I also feel that it’s absurdly unfair they’ve been allowed to operate like this for the entire game. Makes me mad. XD

Will these businesses ever be brought up to snuff on the level that a player would be? I’d be interested in a range of business qualities where the “well-run” businesses come with a higher price tag, but you don’t have to fix them up, and then the rougher businesses are cheaper, but you have a lot of work to do.

Some of this has already been fixed in EA 0.2 with many shops having cleaners/cleaning station and better decorations now!

Also there has been discussion about the price of buying the store reflecting those factors!

I’ll bring this up to the team, though!