No more deliveries

From one day to the next, my deliveries stopped working. I’ve passed day 200 and I have over 400 employees, I’ve turned over every possibility and I don’t understand why.

I have :

  • two warehouses
  • 2 logistics managers assigned to each warehouse
  • 2 delivery drivers per warehouse
  • My purchasing managers (their orders no longer work, even though there is still space in the warehouses).
  • My warehouses are full of products, but they’re just not being delivered.
  • And I have 2 trucks per warehouse

Also, I’ve moved my HR managers to a bigger building, another head office, and I haven’t been able to assign my employees since. My game’s almost ruined :frowning:

As for the HR managers and purchasing managers who no longer do their orders, I have the impression that this has happened since I transferred them from one head office to another. On the other hand, the bug with deliveries no longer being made even though everything’s ok (I think?) happened overnight.

If you moved them to a new building - first make sure they are all still assigned properly. Currently, when you move them, their “contracts” don’t continue, and you have to set them back up.

Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, I can confirm that I did.

After this problem, I tried to start from scratch to redo everything cleanly. But it doesn’t change anything: even with new contracts, the warehouses are no longer delivered and the stores aren’t delivered either, despite the trucks, delivery drivers, logistics managers, purchasing agents etc.

I’ve also set up my deliveries correctly with the different quantities, and I’ve also seen that my shelves in the stores are almost empty. I really turned all the possibilities upside down. :laughing:

Hello - I went through the bug report.

Using soda as an example - you’re only asking for the purchasing agent to maintain 15,000 sodas in your “Food Hub” warehouse.

But you’re then trying to send 10,000 to one location, and 5,000 to two locations, 4,000 to another, and 1,200 to two more locations. That’s nearly twice as much as you have in the warehouse. That is why so many locations are not receiving their items.

Thank you very much for your reply! However, I’ve looked into it and it’s not the case: I’ve adjusted every time and I have stock in my warehouse, I also have space inside, and no deliveries are made either by purchasing agents or logistics managers.

I’ve also noticed a problem with my deliveries to suppliers: if you look at my screenshot, he tells me he’s going to deliver next time on day 210 when it’s 214.

I think it’s a bug because I’ve rechecked everything again, and I’ve got room in my stores, in my warehouses, and I’m distributing the stock as I’ve done throughout my game, and it’s not working, nothing’s being delivered.

EDIT : I’ve also just realized that recruitment isn’t working: despite my recruiters being on the lookout, no applications are coming in.

Very strange. If you could please hit F2 and submit a bug report, we’ll look into that! Thank you!

I sent some with screenshots (the day I replied to this post) :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for your help!

Thank you, we’ll be looking into that - definitely seems like a bug!

Having the same issue here, i reported a bug yesterday, but I can do it again refering to this issue if you want :slight_smile:
Thanks for this cool game, I hope it will be soon fixed so I can continue playing :smiley:

Hello! I got your report as well if you’re having the issue with orders from the “past” still being active!

Perfect then ! :slight_smile:

Somehow last update fixed the issue ! Thanks !

Excellent! Most likely your issue was due to a “chair demand” being interpreted wrong by the game! Glad it’s working now!