I worked in the nightclub industry for 4 years, managing and help organise events for nightclubs in Manchester.

I’m sure I saw that this was planned as an upcoming update further down the line so I wanted to give some insights in what could be an option to implement.

Costs -

• if you own the club you can have as many nights open as you want too so it would be your own running costs

• if you hire the club for a night, example a Friday night the most busiest you don’t have to pay for the drinks in the venue, just provide your own DJs, on the door fee, what music, security, what clientele you want, what the prices of drinks you could do and deals that makes the club money and makes people want to come in and spend money

• you need a DJ, the better DJ, the more people like your club, so it would be nice to have a few options with what music they play and what vibe they bring

• celebrities - having VIP guests turn up and take photos with people brings in a huge amount of people wanting to see them but they aren’t cheap so gotta work out if it’s worth it.

• it’s a good venue when it happens, busy part of the city would bring footfall, and people dancing to music spending money

• there is a few avenues of how this could make money -

Entry fee/tickets
VIP tickets/ guest list
Hiring out the venue for birthdays

• would have a lot of staff needing for it, so would need

Manger of the club/owner
Photographers (to promote the club)


There is so much that you could do within the nightclub side of business, unsure what the devs would want to do with it but this could be some options and ideas that would help. Would be great if people can give some more ideas.


I think ENTERTAINMENT VENUES would be a great addition to New York City.

Basic level might be a BAR needing just drinks and maybe snacks, with staff levels low and free entry, operating out of the A1/A2 Retail units.
Next level could be SMALL CLUB with entry fee (C1 or C2 Retail Unit), then LOUNGE in the D2 Retail Unit (either free entry or an entry fee), with LARGE CLUB in the M1 Retail Unit (entry fee).

Our main character could RELAX and increase HAPPINESS in the early days before the stress of owning venues takes over.

The SOUNDS WAREHOUSE could be the supplier of sound equipment, lighting, dance floors, etc, to the ENTERTAINMENT VENUES with lounge seating, small tables, etc coming from IKA BOHAG or Mr. Scott’s. The SOUNDS WAREHOUSE would be more of a WHOLESALE SUPPLY rather than retail, though, and could also be used to supply equipment to RETAIL MUSIC STORES as another avenue of supply/demand.

The profits on ENTERTAINMENT VENUES might be upgraded by being able to go to an ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT or AGENCY where you can hire different levels of act (eg. DJ, Solo Artiste, Duo, Band with 3 or more players). Would the AGENCY also then LINK back to the SOUNDS WAREHOUSE or RETAIL MUSIC STORES to equip their artistes, making a circle of dependence for trade in the entertainment zone.

Having ARTISTES in a venue would add a multiplier to INCREASE profits to pay back for the cost of hiring those artistes. eg. Local DJ uses 1.5 x multiplier when calculating profits, Solo Artiste 2x, Duo 2.5x , Band 3x multiplier and CLUB DJ 3x multiplier, each type of artiste being restricted to which venues they can appear in.

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Nightclubs were added in EA 0.3!