Maybe a newspaper every week just to immerse the player in this fictional life? Some niche extravagant news to also give some laughs.

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It can have content like competitors getting better and taking over your business.


Maybe a stocks tab where you see who is getting better and who is falling


Newspapers could also give information about certain areas.
For example if you see lots of crime being reported in an area, you might decide not to open a jewellery store there. If you read about a large company’s plans to settle in the city it might be an idea to start a lunch restaurant nearby the proposed site (with the risk of the large company going somewhere else of course, plans change all the time).


The newspaper idea could help to keep the player informed as to developments, especially those of competitors, but I would be weary of this feature as it might involve a lot of work to do well. I’ve played many games that use the newspaper feature to update players and they only seem to have a few different options that play through. After seeing the ninth or tenth newspaper, I end up ignoring it and going on. So, unless you intend to include a healthy list of entertainment articles for that newspaper, I wouldn’t spend much time with it. A simple pop-up with the vital stats each morning or each week would accomplish the same thing.


I think this is a great idea.

It could be useful in many ways. It could also be a place where a business could spend advertising dollars (if appropriate).