New shops + Tier list of shops

Hi guys,

I have read some topics about shops and i got some new ideas myself.
I think right now, shops are pretty broken (its EA I know). Clothing store could generate 300k/day, but coffee shop only 10k/day.

So I think we need some tiers for shops. Here I suggest such tier and some new shops for every tier.
At the beginning, tier 2,3 and 4 would be locked and we could unlock it during main quest.

Tier 1 : Gains per day per shop = <10k $ for a medium size shop.

New shops :

  • Bar : products = beer (5$), red wine (8$), white wine (8$), peanuts (3$), tapas ? (8$)
  • News shop : products = newspaper (3$), cigaretts (10$), candies (5$)
  • Specialized fast food : use products of classic fast food, but less products per shop, with more sales.
    - Pizzeria : products = pizza (20$), white wine and red wine
    - Burger restaurant : products = burger, french fries, soda
    - Healthy restaurant : products = salads, smoothies (8$)

Existing shops :

  • Coffee shop
  • Fast food
  • Supermarket
  • Gift shop
  • Fruit and vegetables stores ??? (cf roadmap)

New business :

  • Start-up company : products needed to work = table, classic PC, chairs
  • Gymnastic : need coaches and some gym stuff.

Tier 2 : gains per day per shop <50k $
New shops :

  • Classic clothing shop : products = jeans (woman, man) (30$), shirts (woman, man) (30$), shoes (woman, man) (30$)
  • Drug store : products = pills (15$), vitamins (15$), 1rst aid kit (30$). It could boost your energy in the game aswell and if if we have 1rst aid kit on car or at home, would prevent to go in hospital while using it.

Existing shops :

  • Jewelry store
  • Liquor store
  • Florist
  • Hairdress ??? (cf : roadmap)

Existing business :

  • Web developpement agency : products needed = desk, PC for gamers

Tier 3 : gains per day per shop <300k
New shops :

  • Electronic store : products = gaming PC (1500$), desk, gaming chairs, phones (500$)
  • Art gallery : products = pantings (10k$), sculptures (5k$). Few sales per day (to gain less than 300k per day i guess).

Existing shop :

  • Modern clothing store : only 6 products on sales ?
  • Nightclub ??? (cf roadmap)

Existing business :

  • Law firm company : products needed = big desk, PC, good chairs, decorations. It would need more incoming money per day, and the possibility to have a lot of customers per day (in my game, I couldnt have more than 4 customers per hour).

Tier 4 : gains per day per shop > 500k
New shops :

  • Car dealer : products = all the cars in the game (but few sales per day)
  • Luxury accessories store : products = watches (20k$), glasses (10k$), bags (40k$)
  • Luxury clothing stores : products = dresses (5000$), suits (5000$), luxury shoes (dont know some english name ^^)
  • Casino : products = whats already in game ^^. Could put the price on it, % winning chance,…

New business :

  • Bank : need to put some millions at the beginning in the society ?
  • Hotel : need to buy a building in order to have it.

For most of new shops and business, i tried to use existing stuff in the game. Like this, devs dont have to create 10 new shops from scratch.

I think the fact to lock tier 2,3 and 4 until a certain point of main quest (different for every tier), could be good to have the surprise to discover new shops and business, and to avoid just looking of the price of products with purchasing agents, then buy the most expensive product and sell it to earn 200k per day.
It would be the same about the 2nd bank who could provide you 100k.
And if you decide to implement tier 4 shop like car dealer, it could be really broken to take a loan of 100k, buy few cars then sell it. I dont know if you want this for your game.