New player's ideas

Hello developer, I am a Chinese player. In my gaming experience, I would like to share some of my own thoughts. Firstly, the Chinese translation is inaccurate and incomplete, which affects the gaming experience of Chinese players. This is very important! I think it would be better to display the numbers in US dollars in the updated version 0.5 today. I don’t really like the abbreviation of US dollars. If you display all the numbers to make money, it will give you a sense of achievement, or provide options such as Chinese units. In the recruitment candidate UI interface, I suggest adding employee gender and age to make employee information more intuitive. In the headhunting recruitment options, I suggest adding age range and gender. In terms of gameplay, I suggest adding car sales stores, internet cafes, securities companies, gas stations, hotels, casinos, hospitals, car rental, tourism companies, and logistics companies. Suggest adding a new stock system, which can acquire the stocks of competitors or open up a percentage of stocks in one’s own store for competitors to purchase. I think this diversified gameplay can attract more players, and I hope you will see it. I also hope the game will continue to improve! Thank you.

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