New Headquarter Roles: Executives and Requisitions officers

I think that once you have reached scale you need 2 roles to help deal with the bigger organization your running in game. I cannot speak for others but after a certain point my phone becomes cluttered with messages with employees messaging about demands. I’ve had instances with where after resting I will get 10/20 plus messages for new demands. It is easy to handle a few dozen demands but once it gets hundreds it becomes tedious and too much to handle, I have to navigate my phone to stores because there are just so many messages that pop up if you do a new max sized office building etc. I also think that at a certain point expansion becomes way too slow and while installation firms help speed it up the game already incentivizes carrying very little liquid through negative interest rates plus the installation fees can be so high that the pay back for using the services takes way too long. As such I would like to propose 2 new roles that can be filled in HQ’s to help players once they get to scale:

Requisitions officer: works similar to head hunters but once assigned to a HR manager, they suppress or automatically purchase items that are new demands of employees. They can either have a budget set to them which will be a flexible cost based on the total value of the demands wanted from the employees under them, reducing the value as they become better at their jobs and will keep act as a way to make sure employees are content at a price. Another way it can function is that the officer takes note of what demands people have and compile a list for the player per business, after which the player can approve shipping all demanded items to their respective businesses. The better they are at their job, the larger discount the officer can get for all the items. These are just some tentative ideas but I believe that It would help players deal with employee demands. Also as a side note, it is difficult to tell which desk is the desk of specific employee who has demanded a item such as a mousepad or new table or chair and we could really use some indicator when we come to fulfil their demand of what to do.

Executive: A new role with a different function to other roles entirely. They demand the largest salaries and their workplace demands can be as exorbitant or many, all being important. They will require a executive office desk rather than a normally one. However, once you hire a executive they will over see the launch of any new business assigned to them, requiring a blueprint and (optionally) a budget to launch them. The drawback is that the executive cannot launch a new store as quickly as the player, requiring a minimum of 3-4 days at 100% competence and up to 5-7 days if incompetent. In addition based on how good he is as a executive will determine the quality of employees he hires on launch. Note that it is still on the player to find the blueprint that they want and connect the businesses to warehouses. The result is the player can expand exponentially rather than in a linear fashion. If the player sees two or three good business opportunities in separate districts, he can start the business and assign executives to the other 2 businesses while he tackles the third. This will mean that the player is not constrained to themselves opening up one business at a time and can get more done in a smaller time frame. It means that in the late game or future if we get more districts or cities (god willing) we can feel like a corporation more than one man on a mission,

These are just 2 Ideas I’ve had in my head, I don’t know if others will agree, its just imo the mid to late game can get slowed down or tedious, employees bug the hell out of me and once your at close to 200k weekly income, a single store does not make a a huge boost to your income in a meaningful way, Let me know what you guys think Id love to hear other ideas for what you guys think would help improve the mid to late gameplay loop

Hello, some interesting ideas!

This shouldn’t be an issue after the UI update!

That is by design. If the player wants to not do things manually, there is a very steep fee attached!

You aren’t constrained to one business at a time, though. I typically am setting up 4-5 at a time myself once I get to the late game, and that’s not even using Installation Firms.

But the issue with having an employee who sets up, hires and does essentially everything as you are describing…it leaves nothing for the player to do. You can call the Installation Firm and Head Hunter from your apartment never even leave as it is, which players already find makes it “too easy” and all they do is “sleep all day”, so I don’t think that aspect will be made more automatic, to be honest.

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Hello, Thanks for replying made some points I hadn’t considered in terms of other activities and methods to expand I wasn’t doing. I am not aware of the UI updates changes, how would I navigate the messages from employees to stores? at times the stores end up between messages and it becomes a case of running through messages till I find them. I was wondering if a separate tab on employees with demands beside candidates would make sense as to not clutter the messages on the phone. its true that you can start up a few businesses and then set them up as you need to but I try to minimize the ROI while im playing so try to get a business up asap after paying the deposit. Might just have to re consider my strategy while playing. That’s true it leaves little for the player to do but I think if the players had harsher ramifications it could incentivize not just sleeping for low happiness for a prolonged period such as erratic behavior from a bad mental state eg. random firings when low, shocks to satisfaction of businesses or if the players are really negligent of their happiness for a sustained time, the character could randomly shut down a business, hurting their own bottom line. Unhappiness now just has the players not eat or leave the house which doesn’t really stop them or hinder them from things. It would make players prioritize more time to trying to keep happiness up as longer lasting happiness events can take significant chunks of your day, leaving less time for other tasks (tv+gaming can give you a significant boost but for 24+ hours worth of happiness it takes roughly 8-10 hours I believe, if the returns were shorter players would need to do more to stay happy), could incentivize usage of installation firms and head hunters out of necessity more than convenience or players have to figure out a routine that works to do it manually. makes sure players have more of a reason to look after it and not just sleep all day. Either that or mini games down the line, Uncle Fred talks about golf so much I downloaded pga2k23 lol. Just some ideas, don’t know for sure if it would deal with the sleep all day speedrun strat but just throwing them out there. Thank you again for replying to my post, I love the game and it was always a concept I had wanted to play for a long time and am passionate to see it get better and succeed.

That’s one of the UI fixes!

True - more dynamic issues and things that are reactive to the player will be coming over time, which will certainly help with this as well!

But overall, it sounds like you’re really exploring and finding a playstyle you like, which is great because you can do things at your own pace (speed running, or much more casual!) :smiley:

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