New feature for cameras and security

In version EA 0.3, we saw the addition of a security system for stores, but as for me, it needs to be finalized, since now with cameras, the security of the store is 100% and my store works without security, which I suggest:

  • add some realism and use guards
  • add a separate guard room
  • since no one controls the cameras now, the necessary condition for the cameras to work is a PC and a security guard behind the monitor who will spend time behind it and monitor the cameras
    Thus, the realism and interconnectedness of the entire security system for your business appears, and if you install cameras, then you need to have several guards, 1 of which will sit at the monitor, and the rest will be in the hall
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Depends on the type of store and size as well. Some stores might be fine with only cameras, but others needs everything.

Guards have been added.

These two are a bit much, though, and end up costing way too much!