New businesses

I think a few more new business would be good, but also current businesses need more variety of goods to sell and/or upgrade. it is Really Lacking in variety and quantity of goods at each store!!. Supermarkets should be selling the vegetables, instead of having a separate store as an example. Meats, dairy, dry goods and more should be added too. Investing in upgrading as you progress or Level up in the game would help with this!

I thought this was a little weird, myself. In the past I was going to suggest changing the name from Supermarket to Convenience Store but now that they’ve added fruit and vegetables (that you can sell at the supermarkets too) it makes more sense. But it is a little weird that fruits and veggies are a secondary item in supermarkets, though.

I would really like to see a “Dry Goods” item that gets stacked on supermarket style shelves. I already use my storage shelves to look like customer-side shelving but it doesn’t feel the same.

They’re not that common in the US outside of NYC, but Fruit and Vegetable stores are a thing in NYC apparently! But overall, stores will be getting more products, yes!

Fruit and Veg stores are very common in this part of the World (UK.) Every town, city and (often) village has them, and even multiples of them. In my experience, Supermarket fruit and Veg is rarely as fresh as content from independant traders.

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Great to known that more products are coming out!

Just wanted to share something that has been bothering me lately, if you try to create a store specialized into a single type of product, like a fast food restaurant that sells only soda, hamburguer and fries, the profit will be incredible low compared if sell every main type of item for this business.

Maybe it would be a good idea to both add new products and also rebalance the amount of profit/item variety a store can get?

I think when you start out as a new player, you should only be able to open smaller stores. Then as you grow your empire, you can open/rent/buy larger and more lucrative stores in better areas of the city. These stores should have an expanded amount of goods and effort to attain to make it a goal to attain. Your business empire should evolve as you grow, not be the same selections as a new player. This way it makes a goal to achieve as you play and you will not get bored of the game as easily. Just getting trophies for certain achievements is ok, but doesn’t do much for gameplay enjoyment!!