Neighborhood map mode

I want to build a new business for the Garment District, but I’m not sure how far its borders extend. There should be a map filter in Voogle Maps to get an overview of the neighborhoods.

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I agree, and I think the devs have mentioned that this is coming in the future.


Really? I didn’t spot it on the roadmap, do you know when?

I didn’t spot it on the roadmap do you know when?

Not on the roadmap, and no date announced. It was asked recently on the discord. Someone asked if there was a way to tell the difference between districts, and the response was basically “No, but it’s planned”

Hereby confirmed :slight_smile: We’ll soon ship a hotfix that adds neighborhood labels to the building overlays, Bizman, and the address in the bottom right corner.

Later we’ll also visualize it on the city map (no current ETA).

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