Needs a little bit more Love

Hey Folks,

here my 2 cents of Words for little QoL things for a better playing experience and Gameplay, in my Opionion.
After 110 hours (10 Hours in 0.5) of playing the game, I miss these little things, which I will now list:

  • Dynamic Minimap top right corner (removes the big names of the Destinations, on the whole screen)
  • Select more then one Destination (max 3-5)
  • Visual Indicator for Employee Bonus Tip
  • Copy&Paste Color Tool (Pinpette) for Decor the facility (Shelfs, tables and so on) in the Interior designer and select more then 1 Obeject with the Key SHIFT (is a self-explanatory feature)


Dynamic minimap means that it automatically rotates with the vehicle and/or the player where he is going/driving and shows the destinations you want to go to on the outer edge of the mitmap. In addition, the destinations that you have currently selected are displayed below the top bar. Like maybe this:

Minimap Image
Klick on the Minimap, opens the big voogle map

Select more then one Destination (max 3-5)
In combine with the minimap, the screen doesn’t just look more innovative, but also gives a better gaming experience

Visual Indicator:

This means that the indicator reads out the satisfaction of the employees and selects the one with the lowest satisfaction. The current satisfaction is indicated by the current position of the arrow. And since there is still a bit of space in the top bar, it could perhaps be integrated there, like this:

Image Indicator

Note: Green 100%, Yollow 75%, Orange/Red 50%, Red 25% and below

After you then see that the employees only have 50% satisfaction, you can recognized that the bonus is slowly running out and then take care of it accordingly and pay them the bonus.

These are the ideas that I would like to see in the game in the future. Whether they make it into the game is out of my hands.

But overall, the game really has a lot of exciting potential and still has a great future ahead of it.
And what the devs have done so far is amazing.

Thx for Reading this and have a nice Day.


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Hello! Glad you’re enjoying the game so far. And there are some nice ideas, thanks for sharing!

Just so you know, I’m moving this to “general” since it’s a list of ideas, which makes it not work as a voteable “feature suggestion” since we’ll have no idea what’s being voted for, but thanks for the feedback!

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