Need more furniture options for my house and shop

I love to decorate my shop and home. But I found very limited furnishings options .
Please add some more varieties and also will be good if we are allowed to change furniture colour.

The sofa I bought from ikea changed colour to blue when placed in home. It’s not same as what displayed in ikea shop.


10/10 realism. Nothing is ever the same color as in the store.

When you place an item, it goes to the default color. Click on “interior designer” then right-click on the item to change its color after placing it!

hahaha, you have a point :smiley:

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I need something like a partitioning screen.
In the arrangement I have in my law office when I have 50 desks crammed into my office, clients can definitely see other people’s materials.

I also sleep in a bed that is provided in a nearby office or retail store before I call or actually go to some facility the next day, but I sleep where I can be seen by staff and clients because the office has no back yard, lol

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While I find the furniture in this game to be almost purely visual (I think TV, fridge, and computer are the only usable ones?), I do have quite a bit if fun getting it all setup. I am hoping there is a little more usability in the items and more of a need for it in the future. I got excited when I saw employees requesting items until I realized that they don’t really use it. They just want it there.

100%! Little walls or anything to help split the huge rooms into smaller sections!

Wardrobe as well, but you’re right, it’s mostly cosmetic right now.

Obviously this is much lower priority than a lot of things, but I agree. Things like that would really help the world be more immersive!

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To be honest, they could wipe the whole furniture aspect out of the game and I wouldn’t really miss it. I just think that if it is going to be there, there should be a bit more utility to it than just placing it and looking at it. My apartment right now has more storage shelves than anything else and just acts as a storage for items I need for stores when the appliance or office store. Computer/TV for Fun, Bed for sleep, Fridge for food. I’m shocked the stove is an option considering I can’t find a way to even use it.

I wouldn’t even really consider the wardrobe as “Functional” as it just lets you use the defaults. If we could purchase clothes and store them, I’d see the use in it.

On a side note, I think we should be able to buy food in bulk and store it in our fridge. I’m sick of making 5 trips to the store to stock my fridge up with 50 items when I can grab a box of fresh food from my warehouse but can’t use it.


Of course! And that’s why the game is still Early Access, since some aspects like that aren’t implemented yet!

True, it is currently just the defaults, but that’s still a functional item - without it, you can’t change clothes in-game! But almost everything, including this, will be expanded during the Early Access development. For instance, EA 0.2 should bring “Improved Characters: more variations”, which should include more clothing and everything!

I went through the roadmap a few times and know that it is all possibly temporary so I’m not really venting (Hope it isn’t coming off that way). I’m just stating my feelings for the current state. I tried using the wardrobe today and it is okay but I don’t see myself using it yet. Like I said, I can live with or without the option of furniture in the game. I’m just avoiding using any of it for now since it is still a work in progress. Can’t wait to see what it turns into though.


Oh no, you’re good, and I was agreeing with you! Many aspects of the game could enjoy great expansion. They are fairly functional, but not as deep or polished yet as they will be!

Plus, your feedback is definitely helpful in figuring out which areas are lacking the most and which areas are most wanted by the community!

Totally understandable. And thank you! We’re excited to continue expanding things and adding more depth!

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When you place an item, it goes to the default color. Click on “interior designer” then right-click on the item to change its color after placing it!

Thank you, I didn’t realise you could do that!


Yeah, I hate when the furniture changes color sometimes. I know it can be changed using the Interior Designer feature, but that only has a limited palette option unless you happen to know the colors used by the devs for each individual swatch on display.

I would really love it if the furniture could come with the Ika swatches in Interior Designer by default perhaps with names too. I’m thinking they could be presented underneath the existing color presets now so the player knows these are additional presets for the furniture. Something like a soft gray soft color variant 1 named “Scandi” or some Ikea sounding names. Users could come up with the names if it’s too much for the devs as well, but it’d go a long way to make it easier for people to replicate the same look as the one in the model store. Adding textures like cloth or wood would be extremely amazing.

And I would kill for more furniture and office supplies store. We have a filter for both but there are just two furniture stores and only one office supply store. I’d argue we should at least have one per district with one or two special furniture items in each one. I mean, a girl can dream at least right? :sweat_smile:


I would love to have more stores in the game once the furniture options are expanded upon. In its current state though, I think it works out great. Until more furniture is available, the only request I’d like to see met on this topic is the ability to schedule more deliveries for the same day or the ability to schedule for other days once you’ve already hit your limit for the day. Sucks that when I am opening I store I have to place a delivery and then go pick up more in person because I can’t place a 10:00 and 14:00 order at the same location and don’t need any of the items the other locations list.

If you click on the plus sign next to the color swatches, you can completely custom color a colorable piece of furniture or equipment. The problem is that some of the objects that have multicolor will fully color everything the same when you apply the color. Minor glitch still, but makes interior design much more fun.

Yes but again, I can’t get the exact colors as in the store unless I know the exact colors values the developers used. It’s a small thing I know, but I am soooo particular about details like that. It wouldn’t be so bad if we had the ability to use even faux wood or fabric textures as well as a bigger default color palette. I’ll try to make a mock-up of a UI concept when I have some time one these days, but something like what I’m imagining would make using the Interior Designer a lot easier while making the process of color matching furniture more feasible too.

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I would like a color picker tool (like the little eyedropper in many digital creation tools). This way you could select any color on-screen and apply it to the object. I agree on the availability of a few basic textures. A part of the game I love is designing the shops.

50+ hours gameplay, only just now realized this was possible after reading this thread… :sweat_smile:

Would be great if that got added to the help system in a future update.

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I agree - I think a whole “basic controls and operation” section would be helpful. I was just writing a few things down earlier for that, so I’ll include this with how to use WASD, right-clicking can move things after placing them, you can adjust the cash register queue so customers stop walking out the door, etc.!

Low priority, but a ‘nice to have’

Some way to make the furniture color changing UI easier/faster to use for large amounts of furniture. Maybe a click and drag similar to how wallpaper and flooring works? Thought of this because I just took over a 75 customer capacity fast food restaurant with 120 tables and chairs and 44 other multicolor furniture pieces.