Names / Numbered workstations to tell employees apart

Can we maybe add some numbers to the Computer or workstation list in the Schedule tab?

I check the Insight tab to see how many customers I get per hour, 24 for example. Then I have to click over to the Schedule tab and physically count how many lawyers or programmers I have assigned on weekdays, then do it again on weekends.


I’m hoping for a new feature that can tell you what desk belongs to what employee in an office job. I have everyone in business suits for my law firms and HQ and I can’t always remember who’s is sitting where. So, I have to change the uniform on that employee to find out where that employee sits. Since the update, most of my employee’s now have three demands and so I have to go one by one to meet their demands to get their satisfaction back up. Some want different things now and if there was a way to tell who sits where, it would save a lot of time.


On the scheduling page, hover your mouse over the computer, and you’ll see what is attached to the desk you are assigning.

Overall the UI will be getting some work done for the future, but for now, that’s how you can tell who is sitting in which desk.


When I deal with an employee demands, I cannot distinguish which workstation the employee is actually sitting at,resulting in me having to equip all employees with that requirement. I would suggest adding a number to each workstation in the timesheet and displaying that number on the workstation when the alt is pressed and held within the business or displaying the name of the employee at each workstation when the alt is pressed and held.


Something like that could help. Just so you know, in the scheduler, if you hover over the word “computer”, it should show you what is attached to that computer.

Yes, but this approach can sometimes cause a lot of trouble. For example, if you change the seat for the purchasing agent in scheduler, then the contract with the importer has to be signed again as well.

I’m not sure if this is helpful but just in case:

I use different computers to denote what attachments they have:

Computer: Standard Desk with Multi-Purpose chair

Laptop: Standard desk with Stump Mesh Chair

Desktop Computer: Executive desk with Multi-Purpose chair

Basic Gaming PC: Executive desk with Stump Mesh Chair

If you set up your workstations somewhat like that then you should be able to assign your employees more quickly and make sure you’re meeting their demands!

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This is a simple suggestion but one that just came to me because of a problem I’m running into.

I have a Graphic Design firm that currently staffs 40 employees. Every workstation is exactly the same currently, and I have a few employees asking me to provide them with new desks/chairs. I am unsure if there is an easy way to find out which station is theirs but at the moment I’m looking for the ability to hover over an employee and see their name when they’re at their workstation, OR the ability to name a workstation entity (i.e. the combo object that forms when you have a chair and desk combined).

It is very difficult to figure out where the employees are sitting. I understand you can see what items are at what workstation but when it’s all the same that doesn’t help unfortunately.

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For example: In an office with 50 graphic designers, since we know which one of them wants one type of graphic tablet or another type (there are 2) it is impossible, you have to try one by one until you hit the correct one.

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As an example: Put a mouse pad on a desk, then go to employee schedule management. If you hover mouse over each Desk, it shows what is attached. Then put the employee in that slot that has what they are requesting, whether it is a specific chair, mouse pad, etc… I found this way to be easiest and fast.

If the name of the employee can pop up after we select an employee, it makes it easier to identify instead of searching through the entire bunch. It wastes a lot of time.

I would also prefer a feature that makes the names visible (while hovering over employee). Maybe by pressing ALT you not only see the inventory names but also the employee names.

Quick fix for now:
Buy an additional workstation. (since this one will pop up as the last one in the time-manager you can easily assign the (demanding) employee to it. The freed workstation can be used for the next (demanding) … repeat the process.

But I think in a future (final) game it should be visible (and easy) to check, who is who in your office/corporation.