Name for the Honda Civic

Hi guys,

The entry level car of the game is Honda Civic like car. Obviously I can’t use the real name, so we need to come up with a “trademark-safe name” like Conda Hivic or similar.

Do you have any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Ronda Vici (pronounced Vidchi)


Hey Nice car! I would call it something like a “Honza Drive”. It looks like a family type car so i would keep away with the sports type names like “Flash”.

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Honza Mimic is my best offer, as it mimics the real Honda :wink:


And the mimic is a good idea as you are essentially mimicking the civic.

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I’d say Sonda Hivic, for the “C” sound from Civic to stay on “Sonda”

I’m thinking something Goru.

Either as the brand, like Goru Budget Sedan

Or as the model, like the Hanza (or Ronda or something) Goru.

I think it’s should be a Hovga Rivic

Take the same approach you did with startup company compile a list of all the brands you are gonna have in the game like there real life ones and then create a new name for each that is close enough to the real one to know what it means like

Honda - zonda
Bugatti - Zoomgatti or speedgatti

I’m not good at coming up with the actual names but something like that

Humppa Havoc :wink:

Hanzai Culture - Wordplay on “Banzai”, and Civics having to do with cultures/social structure.

Conda Hivic

I like the Name Ronda, but how about something cheeky, since it’s an entry point, like Divot. Why not call it a Ronda Divot.

The Donda Kivic

Actually a brilliant idea by @JBTollak :joy:

So many suggestions! :smiley:

If you notice any names you like, please hit the heart button as a way to vote :slight_smile:

looks like Honza Mimic is winning…

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You could make a poll with the top suggestions.

Honza Mimic takes the win! Coming in next update :partying_face:

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!