Municipal waste disposal

During my weekly walk to the garbage cans I was hitted by a crazy idea. Please don´t laugh at me but the idea is that you have to sign a contract with a municipal garbage collection company. More stores/business units you run even more money you have to pay for it on a monthly base. If you don´t sign a contract your customer will get not very amused about the garbage in your stores and won´t vist it anymore or don´t buy anything and will avoid your stores.

Furthermore, you have to instruct your cleaning stuff to bring out the garbage cans outside in time before the garbage collection will visit your store. If you forget it you have to wait another week for pick cup or you have to call the waste collection company and pay an extra fee to pickup the waste separately. Basically, every district has a different day of waste collection.

Does it sound strange? I can accept any comments :laughing:

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Doesn’t sound at all strange to me. Managing your companies waste is an important part of any business.
It would also open up possible opportunities for additional businesses. Lots of companies pay private firms to remove their waste as the load is too great for the local authority to deal with. You could own such a company and even drive around the city taking out the trash.