Multiplayer? :)

For some reason i get a thought multiplayer might eventually creep in? just something about the wide spread of empty buildings seems to indicate a thought in the back of our minds. I like to dream big for you guys.

Multiplayer is a massive task, and right now I don’t have the budget to implement it.

However, it’s already planned that if the game sells well, it will be added post release :slight_smile:


Hand me a nifty modding api and I can get you a multiplayer proof of concept. :smile:

Of course no rush. :wink: Enjoying the gameplay as is.

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A few things to note for multiplayer, as I feel this will become a generalized thread for it when it becomes more of a possibility:

  • Rendering of other players and vehicles. Assuming a small server of 4 people (just among friends or something), you’re look at 3 additional non-npcs, (and from my current knowledge) 3 more vehicles.

  • Building overlaps: As it currently seems, buildings are limited and the tutorial looks to guide you to the same building. A solution to this would be to have buildings become an instance based idea, where each client has their own instance of the buildings as it is now. However, I feel this would take away from the “multiplayer” aspect, as I would like to see someone else’s building / business.

    • A secondary solution to this could be introducing a sort of area similar to the school, where there is a lobby and the four doors. So a building could be limited to how many rentable spaces are available.

This is all I have for now on the subject, and I am sure more will arise as the game grows. I don’t expect multiplayer anytime soon, as the primary focus of the game is important! :slight_smile: Just documenting for future reference.


I know its not high on your list at all, but after spending a few hours in this game, I must say: This game is perfect for multiplayer. One option in regards to the tutorial buildings would be to just not include the tutorial for multiplayer saves, or just not present the tutorial to non-host players.

You of course would know better than I, but I don’t think rendering would be a ‘huge’ concern. In our single player sessions we are already rendering plenty of cars and NPC. The other player(s) would just be like another character/vehicle in relation to the client.

I have several friends that would pick this game up in a heartbeat if we were able to play together. (Even at the current Gold premium).

One thing that would be nice eventually would be two options for the multiplayer. One where you are running the same company, (sharing funds/employees/businesses), and one where you are competitors. A ‘stretch’ request would be to have it where you could just choose to partner up in the same session. For example, 4 players in a lobby, 2 have chosen to partner up, and the other 2 are independent.

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