Move in VoogleMaps with WASD

I would like to have the ability to zoom and move around in the bird-eye view map from google maps with WASD instead of only using the mouse to move around.

I completely agree with this… My first instinct was to use WASD to move around.


Totally agree. I would rather like WASD

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This was on my list to suggest.

I would like to use WASD on the main map. The idea of using WASD from the Voogle map is interesting as well.

The main reason, for me, is that you have to keep constantly clicking with the mouse to travel long distances. WASD would make it much easier, IMO.

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Yeah totally agree, the clicking system is not very great. So would totally agree that wasd would be perfect for that.

I found you can click and hold, which made it about 0.1% better lol. At least that might help your clicking finger relax until they (hopefully :crossed_fingers:) add WASD support!

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WASD is implemented, closing this.

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