More RPG + micro optimizations

I really love the details in the game. But I’d love to see more RPG elements, so here a few ideas.
Feel free to leave your own RPG ideas here :slight_smile:

  • Occasional events in the city where people gather and i.e. can buy things (something like a market that comes every few days e.g. to the park and where the products to buy change).
  • Eat at restaurants by actually sitting down and make NPCs also eat there
  • When eating (while sitting) at a restaurant, give a little bit of energy (only max. like 2 times per day)
  • When NPCs eat at the restaurant, they actually occupy a seat. If now all seats are occupied and another NPC joins the restaurant and wants to eat, they’d have to go
  • Make random NPC animations like calling someone, sitting on a bench, running (on roadmap already)
  • Make the player able to sit on benches which slowly increases happiness
  • Make the player able to dance
  • Add event locations like a disco where music is played and you can dance
  • Drink alcohol
  • Make it able that the player comes across actual business owners that greet the player (for example those that are in the contacts of the player)
  • Maybe over time add potential friendships between NPCs and the player if there’s interest in that. I won’t write too much about that now as I am unaware whether you would be interested into something like that, but it can be combined with business aspects too (for example hire good friends, sell houses to friends etc.)
  • Add a horn to the car - NPCs are allowed to annoy me but I can’t annoy them, hello?! :smiley:
  • Add occasional police pursuits, random accidents and fires where the emergency vehicles actually drive to the location. I think that since you already did a very great NPC driving AI, those cars could more or less recklessly drive to the accident location and the other NPCs actually stop (maybe on roadmap already?)
  • Make the player and other NPCs like VIPs once they reach certain net worth points so that other NPCs for example want a selfie etc.
  • Add a social network where you can post things. Maybe limit what you can post (for example you can post “product X at Y is super good!”, “Today is a great day”, “Taxes are too high/bad/good/awesome” etc.). Depending on your following you might influence the followers consumer behaviour. Also, you can get contacted and contact other influencers for ads. You can get more followers and likes. However, if you promote your own stuff too often or promote products you have a monopol on, you might lose followers.
  • Add homeless people you can give money to
  • Make store NPCs less stiff by for example them moving their arms to the cashier etc. when you order something
  • Add animations like eating, opening the fridge etc.
  • Add more new york vibe sounds (sirens, sounds of traffic etc.)
  • Make speaking sounds in restaurants and depending on how much it actually is
  • Give more stats about businesses like waiting time till they get to pay etc. Also how often customers leave a restaurant unhappy because of unfriendly staff, no open cash registers etc.
  • Put multiple items of the same category by clicking a plus or minus button in the shopping basket instead of clicking e.g. the fridge multiple times
  • Watch TV to increase happiness
  • Show company logo on TV placed in the room
  • Faster place stuff when using handtruck or flatbed: Currently you click an item, then hold it and press place but then have to click the handtruck/flatbed again. It’d be great if it would go back to the flatbed/handtruck menu automatically once something was placed and the player is still close to the handtruck/flatbed
  • Add a delivery service to appartments where there are NPC (visible or non-visible, doesn’t matter) that deliver products delivered to your appartment right into your appartment (just the packages, as they arrived)
  • Add the possibility to deliver food to your appartment where you’ll find the bag with the food in your appartment. Maybe also add that as a feature to your own restaurant where you can hire drivers that deliver food to appartments (you’d need to buy a roller and hire a driver. Depending on the skills the driver is faster)

That’s it for now, hope you liked it :slight_smile:

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BTW - if you sit on a bench in the park for an hour, you get a 25% happiness boost for 2 days.

This is how doing phone deliveries works for furniture, so it would be cool for in-store items to have this feature. Although for most places, you can only put 4 items on a handtruck - so this is really just for food since it makes sense to grab 10 of the same items. Typically, you probably wouldn’t be grabbing 8 of the same items at the Ika Bohag, so this would have limited function, I think.

Customer satisfaction exists on the bizman>insight page but it isn’t broken down by reason like that. I know they are adding customer demands in a future beta, perhaps this “customer complaint breakdown” could be included in that so you know exactly what to fix. You can currently stand in the store and watch the customer text bubbles, but sometimes those don’t seem accurate either. So this idea would definitely be helpful!

This one is on the new roadmap for beta 8 now, as well. I don’t know if happiness will be involved, but you will be able to watch TV.

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Also, there were a couple new roadmap additions that seem to fit with this:

  • Random pedestrian/citizen events in the streets
  • Random traffic accidents/emergency scenes

Roadmap - Big Ambitions (

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You actually can’t just sit (which would be good) but only sleep (or atleast the sleep menu is over the bench and player) from what I now :sweat_smile:. So it’d be cool if you could select between sit or sleep.
I agree on your other comments :slight_smile:

Ooh, I see, you mean like sit and people-watch or just relax on the bench. That would be an interesting idea - like when you work the cash register, you can either “fast-forward” or “timemachine”. Perhaps on a bench, you could sit (while fast-forwarding) or sleep (time machine a few hours).

  • See max inventory space for example when viewing the inventory of a store
  • It would be great to be able to have something that can carry more than a handtruck and can be used outside (maybe a pallet truck, I think it’s called)
  • It would be great if the last used handtruck is saved whereever it was placed. E.g. if you go outside, leave it, go into a building and come back out, it’s gone
  • Ability to give names to houses
  • Show business name if e.g. an employee gets sick
  • Shopping carts to buy more in supermarkets (maybe when going to the cash register and paying, instead of a bag the player/character gets a package like when they shop e.g. in furniture stores).
  • In the contacts in the phone allow sorting by “Recent” (currently) and “Name”. It’s bit of irritating that sometimes you have to look for who to call so it’d be cool if we could chose between the two. Maybe a rename function (rename the contact names) would be awesome

There is a pallet truck inside some warehouses, but you can’t leave the warehouses with them. Something like this would be amazing for moving huge loads from vehicles or pallets into stores! In the meantime, FYI at the Ika Bohag there is a larger cart that can hold 8 items instead of 4, but you’d have to leave the store and walk away with it as you can’t put it in a vehicle without turning it into a regular handtruck.

I think that’s because very quickly you could end up with hundreds of handtrucks all around the city from when you go shopping and leave the handtruck behind :smiley: Couple options/tricks though to keep it - You can put the handtruck in the trunk of your vehicle. It will stay there and be ready whenever you need it. Or if you leave a box in the handtruck, it will remain where you leave it (only disappears when empty).

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Really, it turns into a handtruck? I’ve found out that you can actually travel with the taxi and take the flatbed with you :smiley: But yes, more load would be great and the flatbed (the one at Ike- cough Ika Bohag).

I know it would but that’s why I wrote “the last used handtruck” :slight_smile: . So whenever you pick one handtruck up and leave it, it’s saved there. But when you go to e.g. a store and pickup an other handtruck, the old one gets deleted (only if not empty). So you could have a handtruck and a flatbed saved in the city. Yes the trick with leaving something on it was already used by me :joy: I stole a few of the flatbeds, they’re great for transporting stuff haha.