More Items

Please add more Items and stuff to this Pretty game, we need more stuff to sell, buy, place, replace and so on. Add As much stuff as you guys can, because we gamers who is really down for this game as I am want more and more and more stuff.

I’ve been Waiting for such a fantastic and Amazing game for decades, I had visions in my early teen years thinking and fantasize about Games like this one, and this is the closest game I’ve been wishing Whole my life. Been playing GTA1 from day 1, been playing simcity, Cities skylines from day 1, and sometimes sims with my girlfriend. Now All these games together combined makes “Big Ambitions” become the Realest game ever to play.

I want to Thank all developers, owners and who ever are related to this game made this Happend, Thank you so much for making my Dreams come true. Now I can finally play a game I was looking for whole my Goddamn life. I Will Always promote and share this game to other people and gamers.

Thanks for letting me share this. THANKS!!!

  • Keep up the good work, and nice job!!