More fields for skipping time. More business data

Would love to have the end time displayed on every time passage (game/tv) like it is on the sleep popup.

In addition to that, would love to have a field where I can input the desired finish time by hand instead of just choosing length.

An interesting implementation of that on the sleep action would be an alarm clock that could be purchased and placed on a bedside table, or settable alarms on the phone.

In addition to these time things, I would LOVE to have more numbers to crunch for my businesses. Keep all the data for a hundred days or more. All the data for each day and business… how many and price of each item sold, which employees worked, that day’s data on the employee - effectiveness/happiness, wage, how many customers, everything. If you guys would really like to scratch my nerd itch… you could make it exportable to an excel file…


Hello! Nice ideas, thanks for sharing!

Just so you know, I’m moving this to “general” since it’s a list of ideas, which makes it not work as a voteable “feature suggestion” since we’ll have no idea what’s being voted for!