More Employee Types

Currently, for retail, only Cleaner and Customer Service is an option. I think it would be interesting to add more types of employees. For example, cook, waiter, florist, baker, goldsmith, etc. In mid game it seems to me that the game is primarily about training primary skills, and moving employees to new stores. I think splitting up the type of employees like the lawyer/programmer split is currently, for example. Bring more thought into the game about employees and their distribution.

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Would love to see ‘shelf stocker’ as an employee type. It drives me nuts when I go into one of my businesses and there’s 18 Expensive Gifts on the Round Display shelf and 487 of them on the storage shelf in the back. Meanwhile, my Customer Service employee is standing behind the counter whistling or yawning.


I’ve already reported this to the devs and they are working on a solution!


também acho que ficaria ótimo e mais realista e complexo ! sucesso …