More creative options and customization

I’d love to see us being able to customize our shops even further. For example:

  1. More vibrant floor and wall textures
  • Maybe even have a paint store, where you need to go buy those.
  1. Plants, Lights, Posters, Ads
  • It would be cool to be able to upload PNG’s for custom posters.
  1. Furniture and Decor items, like statues, and advertisement items. Could be a giant fork for a restaurant or a paper clip for an office supply store.

  2. Stickers for floors and walls would be a cool addition, and even cooler if you could put down arrows like in the IKA store where customers will actually respect the arrows you place.

With the above items having the option to change the color of different parts of the items would be nice. This would allow the creative player to go nuts on creating a store they can really relate to.

All in all, I am just looking for A LOT more customization options for my stores! :slight_smile: