More Copyright Free Music

So I only listen to Christian genre of music. I was shocked when I heard Sajan Nauriyal - Trust . I instantly was like this game is my type of game!

Would it be possible to add more copyright free music? Every song on this game I know by heart now after 30hrs in the Early Access. Or is anyone creating mods where we could add our own personal Spotify playlist to the game?

I know a few Christian Artist whos music is like Sajan Nauriyals. No bad words, no bad lyrics, PG friendly, and 100 Christian like Sajan’s music.

  • Young C
  • Joey Vantes
  • Miles Minnick
  • Hulvey
  • Jon Keith
  • KB
  • Aaron Cole
  • S.O.
  • Ty Brasel
  • YB
  • Jkzn
  • Alex Jean
  • George.Rose
  • Nobigdyl
  • Kieran the Light
  • Evan Ford
  • Evan and Eris
  • DJ Mykael V
  • Swoope

I know so much more but these are my Favorite! I am 100% sure some of these artist if you contact them would be happy to add their songs to your game! I would even pay to help add them to the game! Any spreading of Christian music to the world or secular music I am here for it!!!

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Besides more music, maybe the possibility to add your own MP3s.


Absolutely this. Let us load a folder full of audio files that the game radio will auto-shuffle through.


Just more music types would be much appreciated!

But a spotify plugin would be cool as well.