More Basic needs of the character

More basic needs of the character could be added to the game, or at least some of them:
Overall Health / A general measure of the balance of all basic needs of the (player / character).
Thirst and hunger separated: affect mood if neglected
Hygiene: would affect mood and health if neglected
Physiological Necessities (using the toilet): would affect mood and health if neglected
Mood: The mood would be affected if the basic needs are not in balance / Zero mood would take the character to have depression and would have less vigor for a day or so.
Physical/Stamina: Would affect walking speed as well as driving ability forcing the character to take a taxi, subway or just walk slower

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With all due respect, perhaps you need to go and play the Sims for a while. This game is more about building up a business empire than micro-managing a character’s needs in a computer game. I now play it with ‘happiness’ turned off because I think it’s a damn nuisance and I don’t think it enhances the game at all.

I think the character’s personal needs bring purpose to business management, what do you do with all the money you earn in the game? Put it in the account and that’s it?
I have more than 20 million in the account and I don’t know what else to do in the game, being able to spend the money on things that improve my life and comfort would be a good way to add more tasks to the game.
I respect your opinion and I’ve played a lot of The Sims and one of the things I enjoyed the most was setting up the car shops, art stores, my restaurants and nightclubs and decorating my homes and micromanaging the character’s life in this game is a its premise if you haven’t noticed, adding these needs could bring bookstores to the game, we could sell books that give mood bonuses, hunger and thirst bonuses, health bonuses, I like being able to spend the money I earn in the game on future investments and also to comfort my character with nice things, sorry about that.


Hmmm. I’m torn:

Personally, I think I would like more character needs related to what you suggested (as long as they’re not too tedious and I’m not spending an absolute ton of time managing them).

But I also don’t know that I would like it for sure. The best balance would be to have them in the game with a settings option to turn them off.

…But that could be a lot of work to code.


rictraldi Don’t apologise my friend. Your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s. Hearing what people think and feel about the progress of the game is an important part for the developers, I’m sure. I hope I didn’t come across as offensive in my first post, that wasn’t my intention. My apolgies to you if I did offend you.


I get that we might need a bit more nuance to the personal life. But not too much. If you want to deny a person food or taking a dump, I’ll play the Sims. :sweat_smile: