More Achivements

Achievements are a fun way to benchmark how far / well you are going in a game. It is also a way to compare with your friends. - especially now that multiplayer. currently is not an option.

The game already has several ways to play it, you can open a lot of shops, you can focus on optimizing the individual shop, etc. You can be good at managing your warehouse, or you can buy an extra one and just stock up

But I miss a number of achievements:

  • Amount of money spent on shipping (fee)
    e.g. 500 dollars - 5,000 dollars - 50,000 dollars

  • Number of meters driven with “hand truck”
    50 meters – 500 meters – 1000 meters

  • Number of meters driven in car/truck
    1km – 10km – 100km

  • Marketing spend (total)
    1,000 – 50,000 – 500,000

  • Expensive purchase (total value of an order)
    5,000 – 100,000 – 1,000,000

  • Education for the win (primary skills)
    10 employees at 100% - 50 employees at 100% - 100 employees at 100%

  • Firing - you are the boss
    Achivement for firing - positive as if you are “the boss” or negative as “you have no control over how many you hire”
    1people – 5people - 10people

  • “quit” - people who leave you because you are a bad leader
    Achievements of 1people – 5people - 10people

Interesting ideas.

This one sort of already exists : Employee of the Month - Bronze / Silver / Gold

Yep, I think you’re referring to this one:

But it is one thing to have to get one up to 100%, another thing is to get 100 up to 100% - it requires something more (time and money). just make the achivement difficult.

But you are right, my idea is an extension of that achivement.

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Yeah, it’s not exactly the same, but just in case you hadn’t seen it.

I do agree though - one employee to 50% or 100% is pretty easy. 100 of them would be much more of an achievement!

Or 500 at 100% - you don’t come to that overnight.

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Maybe instead of 1 Employee at 50/75/100% it could be 1/100/500 employees to 100% :smiley:

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