• Ability to sit on any chair/desk and use the computer (You’d just open Bizman)
  • Ability to choose whether or not time stops when using BizMan and other apps
  • Make polls on Discord regarding new items/features and players will then vote.
    (ex. 1. We’re adding a new car, which type you like most between the following? Audi A6, Audi Q3 or Audi Q5?)
    (ex. 2. Choose between X, Y or Z)
  • Infractions for running red light/running over pedestrians/driving wrong direction (Deactivable)
  • Add a limit to custom game starting money
  • Add bikes, scooters and bycicles Not sure if it’s been suggested
  • Ability to edit colour of Handtruck, Shopping Basket and Storage Shelves
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Similar to the other post, there cool ideas in here, but should each be their own post. Especially because there will be some community voting type events, so I need to know which ideas are most popular to choose from when doing those events!

But some of these are already on the roadmap or have been suggested, so in order to work as a feature suggestion, each item should be its own topic so people can vote for them!